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Yamaha GQ2015YAMAHA GQ2015 | Equalizzatore

Versatile EQ Control

Yamaha graphic equalizers incorporate active filters to provide minimum phase shift and smooth response at any boost or cut setting. The GQ2015A offers 15 equalization bands at 2/3 octave intervals from 25Hz to 16kHz.

Range Switches

Switchable EQ gain of +/- 6dB or +/-12dB provides a broad range, or a narrow, more precise scope of control. The +/-12dB range offers wide-range control, essential for broad range tonal variation or feedback control. The +/-6dB range provides fine control within a narrower range, well suited for acoustic tuning and subtle response shaping.

2-Channel Configurations

With synthesizers, signal processors, and other equipment offering stereo output as the rule, the GQ2015A provides 2-channel versatility in single unit designs; plus, independent 15 band per channel equalization with common High Pass Filter and Range switches all in a slim 1U-size.

Outstanding Audio Performance

A graphic equalizer's main function is to shape sound, without adding unwanted distortion or noise. The GQ2015A provides quiet operation with less than 0.05% total harmonic distortion; noise is kept to a minimum with levels better than -96dB. Yamaha equalizers supply smooth, natural sound that is even compatible with digital sources.

High Pass Filter

High pass filters are extremely useful in fighting against low-end boominess, AC hum, wind noise and preventing subsonic components from muddying the sound as well as wasting amplifier power. The GQ2015A features a built in 80Hz high pass filter which is activated by a single switch.

Balanced Input/Output

Signal input and output is provided by both balanced 1/4" phone jacks and balanced XLR jacks, all rated at +4dB. This gives an In/Out interface that can be easily connected to other types of equipment.

Safety Devices

Independent peak indicators, to warn of excessively high signal levels, light when the output signal reaches 3dB below clipping. An automatic muting circuit mutes the equalizer's output for approximately 3 seconds after the power is switched on, to prevent transients from damaging amplifiers and speaker systems.

EQ Bypass

EQ ON/OFF switches provide easy EQ bypass and instant comparison between equalized and unequalized sound. LED indicators let you know when the EQ is on.

Rugged Design

All Yamaha graphic equalizers are built with rugged construction making them dependable for home or studio use, as well as on the road.

19" Rack Mountable

The GQ2015A can be mounted in any standard 19 inch rack.

Acoustic Tuning

Use graphic equalization to fine tune any sound system to match the acoustics of a studio, concert hall, or any other sound environment. It can also be utilized to compensate for serious acoustic irregularities found in rooms that were not designed for music listening and keep properly designed studios or halls at their optimum sound level.

Feedback Control

In situations where restrictions make a feedback proof setup impossible, Yamaha graphic equalizers can be used to reduce the gain of problem frequencies, thus minimizing the possibility of sudden outburst of feedback that can ruin a performance.

Sound Shaping

Yamaha graphic equalizers are also creative tools that can shape the tone of the instrument or voice to achieve a better blend in the mix. When added to reverb, EQ can electronically simulate a wide range of acoustic environments.

Noise Suppression

Graphic equalization can effectively minimize tape hiss, stage rumble, wind noise, microphone popping, excessive sibilance and other sources of unwanted noise.



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