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Spl Vitalizer 9215SPL VITALIZER 9215 | Enhancer 2 canali

The Classic Vitalizer® is based on the first model in SPL’s revolutionary Program Equaliser series, the SX2 that was introduced in 1988. The essential feature of this equaliser concept is its intuitive layout and adherence to human hearing principles. The separate 2-channel Classic Vitalizer allows you to modify the sound with a high degree of musicality and efficiency.


The primary applications of the Classic Vitalizer are processing complete stereo mixes or remaster- ing old recordings or film-& video post production, though it may also be used to enhance individual tracks or subgroups complementing or replacing the onboard EQ. The Process Solo-function allows the Vitalizer to operate via the aux send/return-bus, something few if any other equalizer or enhancer type products can offer. In combination with a single-ended noise reduction unit, the Classic Vitalizer becomes the ultimate post production system to sweeten old masters.


The control panel is divided into two separately controllable, identical channels for processing the left and right channel of the stereo signal. This separation can be important for example when spatially induced differences for each channel need to be taken into consideration. The Surround Processor (used to increase the perceived sense of loudness of a mix while simultaneously enhancing the feeling of space) always works on both channels and is functionally independent of all other effects. Naturally you can also process two completely different mono signals (e.g. through the inserts on the mixing console). Four mutually independent sound affecting controls per channel are available, providing access to the entire spectrum of the source material. The Classic Vitalizer offers far-ranging sound shaping possibilities without having to deal with changes in frequencies, amplitudes or bandwidths.



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