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La Audio MultigateLA AUDIO MULTIGATE | Gate
16 Canali

The MULTI GATE is a complete 16 channel audio noise gate in a 1U rackmount case which has been designed to complement any audio system in a live or studio environment. The primary function of the MULTI GATE is to provide 16 channels of audio gating whilst providing Midi trigger information as to the action of the gates which can be recorded on a sequencer and played back through the MULTI GATE. The MULTI GATE can also be used as a 16 channel Automated Mute Processor as well as providing Panning and Tremolo effects. Whilst transparently removing any noise from recorded material or a mix, the MULTI GATE is very easy to use - even remotely from a computer or another MULTI GATE. The front panel consists of 16 channel control keys, 6 mode keys and 4 Edit Wheels (one with Range/Hold select) which are used for the Threshold, Attack, Decay, Range and Hold time as in a conventional noise gate. These can control any channel simply by pushing the appropriate channel control key. Additionally, a Liquid Crystal Display gives the current status of all 16 channels while each channel has its own multi-colour indicator to indicate the action of the channel. Editing the MULTI GATE is just as easy. Using conventional MENU/PARAMETER and DATA keys OR using the Edit Wheels which can also be used to spin through the MULTI GATE edit menus/parameters and data. Version 3.60 of the MULTI GATE software now supports a number of new features which dramatically enhance its performance in areas such as triggering and expanded operation. For example, the transmission of midi triggers can now be masked to prevent the accidental triggering of other equipment as well as just the trigger off, so that percussion devices requiring simple start triggers may be used more efficiently. Expanded operation now allows a true 48 channel gating system to be employed where each MULTI GATE can be setup as a Group of 16 gates/ mutes, allowing fully independent access to each of the 48 channels under system exclusive. An advanced mode lock is also incorporated which means that the MULTI GATE will always power on in exactly the same condition it was switched off, without having to 'restore' the power off setup.



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