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LA Audio GC400LA AUDIO GC400 | Comp/Gate 2 canali

The GC400 is a professional dual channel
compressor/noise gate that can be operated as 4 separate processors or independantly linked for stereo applications. In Link mode, Gate/Compressor 1 provide Master control and 'rms summing' is used throughout to ensure that signals from both the linked channels affect compression or gating equally.

The compressor sections have fully variable controls for Threshold, Ratio, Release and Gain. Compression slope can be switched between Hard or Soft knee and Attack/Release can be fully Auto or program dependant Attack with manually adjustable Release. Each channel also has a sidechain insert jack.
Gain Reduction is displayed via an 8 segment LED bargraph.
The gate sections have variable controls for Filter Frequency, Threshold and Release. Range is switchable to provide either full muting or more
subtle signal attenuation. Attack can be selected between Fast or Slow and release is manually adjustable. High and Low pass sidechain filters are included and can be used for a wide range of frequency conscious gating applications.
Led indicators are provided for Above/Below Threshold, External Key, Bypass and Link. All inputs and outputs are electronically balanced and can be switched between +4dBu and -10dBV operating levels.



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