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Behringer XR2000BEHRINGER XR2000 | Gate

INTELLIGATE XR2000 was designed to fulfill the highest demands and offers maximum signal control. Voice-over applications, creative envelope shaping, noise suppression in quiet passages... No problem, especially with the transparent user interface and "traffic light" LED displays.UTR (Ultra Transient Response) gate circuitSlow noise gates often rob your audio's brilliance by gating signals during the attack phase. BEHRINGER's UTR circuitry prevents this with its ultra-fast signal detectors and high-quality class-A VCA. Clicks and pops at the gating point are virtually eliminated by the extremely low leakage of the control signal into the VCA's audio signal path. An extremely important factor in judging the quality of a gate.

* Interactive Class-A Expander/Gate/Ducker
* UTR (Ultra Transient Response) gate (attack time <3 µsec.)
* Class-A VCA allows 100 dB of maximum attenuation
* Integrated high-pass and low-pass filters for frequency-selective gating
* External side chain input with "key listen" function
* Attack, hold, release and ratio controls
* "Traffic light" display for threshold working point
* Precise gain reduction display with 8 LED's
* Servo-balanced inputs and outputs
* XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors
* Relay-controlled hard bypass switch with auto bypass function in the case of power failures (safety relay)
* Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany



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